Transformative Therapies

Yoga & Movement


Your body loves to move.  And I love to encourage its favorite ways to wiggle, dance, strengthen, and align.  Whether it's Kundalini, Hatha, Sacred Dance, or your own jig, let's spin your chakras, open your meridians, and get your body moving!

Click on my photo for a 27 minute Core Yoga Flow.

Channeled Light Language


Everything is energy, including you. Light language is a non-linear transmission of frequencies that sheds light directly into your energy system and heightens your vibration.  You want to vibrate at a high, fine rate because that's where Beauty resides.

Click on the hands to receive a Light Language Transmission.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy


My Panther appeared to protect and guide me 30 years ago.   Meet your Inner Guides and receive their healing every day.

  • Clear pain & illness
  • Enliven relationships
  • Explore past lives
  • Heighten creativity
  • Empower yourself
  • Illuminate your life path

Click the panther for a Guided Journey to release emotions and  weight.

Right Relationship


At a standoff?  I can help.  Couples, friends, and colleagues, don't tear up your toy or your relationship! I can teach you to communicate so you:

  • Know & trust what you feel
  • Express it non-judgmentally
  • Listen & speak from the heart
  • Get your needs met

Visionary Craniosacral Work®


A soothing, precise, and non-invasive hands-on therapy that helps to release restrictions in the entire body, energy field, and psyche.

During a session you may experience a deep sense of relaxation and feel you have fallen asleep or entered into a meditative state, a quiet place beyond the mind where healing happens effortlessly.

Psychic Guidance & Mentoring


You are always receiving intuitive information.  Learn how to apply it in your daily life.  Intuition is the balancing partner to your logical mind.

In this time of awakening, it is vital to be attuned to your psychic senses.